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We are open from 8.30am to 5pm, Mon to Fri and Sat from 8.30 to 4pm. Social distancing rules apply. No mask, no entry.

About Us

The West Indian Salvage was founded in 2017 in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Our core values reflect integrity, fairness and building lasting relationships. Throughout our existence, we have gained unique insights into the challenges that the industry faces both locally and internationally, understanding and respecting the difficult tasks that recyclers face. We continue to keep the materials moving at a fair price during all market conditions because of our customer-first approach.

We have created a legacy of expansion, innovation, leadership, and preservation of the environment, but the legacy that we are proudest of is our long-term relationships forged with our customers and our unwavering commitment to the values our company was founded on.


We are sure by now you know that recycling saves the earth, we encourage you to get more involved in recycling as in so doing we protect our environment and ensure that we conserve the non-renewable natural resources for our children and grandchildren. Consider that recycling prevents the destruction of untouched landscapes, which in turn protects the wildlife that calls that area home, plus, it prevents the visual pollution obtained from mining. Through recycling there are fewer greenhouse gases produced lessening the effects of global warming, there is less of a need for landfills which themselves are chemical pollutants. Recycling uses less energy than smelting ore to create new metals; to put this into perspective consider that the energy it takes to produce a single aluminum can from raw materials is the same energy it takes to make 20 of those cans from recycled material. Check out our Recycling News Page and keep updated.

Our Goal

The West Indian Salvage aims to create jobs, help the environment, empower communities and help eradicate flooding by keeping the domestic scrap metal out of the nation’s waterways. We do this by purchasing domestic scrap metal from the local entrepreneurs, these metals include, old refrigerators, old stoves, galvanize sheets and much more.

Waste is defined as an eliminated or discarded material, which is no longer useful or required after the completion of use or a process. This means that it is usually free or can be obtained at little cost. As a raw material it is extremely useful and easily made into a low-priced, locally sourced product. West Indian Salvage intends to empower the entrepreneur in these uncertain and challenging economic times with an opportunity at self-sustainability.

West Indian Salvage aims to create sustainable opportunities for the community in both regarding to a long term source of income and in providing the community with the avenue to benefit from continued cleanup.

Why choose West Indian Salvage and Recycling and Co. Ltd?

  • We pay top dollar for your metallic assets.
  • Our scales are calibrated and certified by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards.
  • We are a family business and treat all our customers as our extended family.
  • We are conveniently located a few minutes away from the Piarco International Airport.
  • We accept a wide array of metals
  • We do pick up/transport services
  • We do clean-up services.
  • We are a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Scrap Iron Dealers Association
  • We follow the policies put forth by The Scrap Metal Policy for T&T

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Recycle today and help SAVE the earth!