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Claxton Bay residents -Scrap iron dispute not over

Claxton Bay residents are disputing the claim by the Scrap Iron Dealers Association that the dispute between them and a scrap iron dealer in their community was ‘quelled.’ 

The association’s president Allan Ferguson sent out a release on Tuesday stating he had visited the community the day before and met with both parties, resolving their differences.  

The release stated, “Mr Ferguson symphathised with the resident and offered his assistance in the matter. After minutes of discussion, the scrap iron dealer agreed to make the necessary changes which would bring an ease to his neighbour’s discomfort.” 

However, resident Bhadase Sooknanan said while Ferguson did visit the community, he told him the dealer does not need a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) to operate and their operations were completely legal.  

Sooknanan said he saw Ferguson and his team in the community speaking with the dealer. He said after he approached them, Ferguson asked to come into his yard to discuss the issue with him. 

At that point, Ferguson was joined by the dealer, Stephen Lewis. 

“I asked him (Ferguson) do they have rules and regulations in the scrap iron industry- like for instance, can they be on the road plying their trade or do they need to be off the road? He said yes, the way these guys have a small operation, they don’t have containers or anything, the vans could stop in the road, offload what they have, buy what they have to buy and they go, they don’t have to get any license for that. I asked him if they need any EMA clearance, he said no.” 

Sooknanan said after hearing this, he did not ask any more questions. But he was adamant that the dispute was not quelled. 

However, he said the dealer has been making some attempts to ease the effects of their operations on residents. 

“ But the situation is still very uncomfortable and I don’t know how we are going to continue living like this.” 

Source Guardian

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