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Cops search for 3 men involved in cable theft ring

Police are searching for two Jamaican nationals and another man from the Bank Village, Carapichaima area, who they believe can assist them in investigations surrounding alleged cable theft.

Police believe the three men were at the scene when 24-year-old Dillon Straughn, a labourer from Perseverance Village, Carapichaima, was shot dead on Saturday morning by a resident armed with a shotgun.

Straughn was allegedly caught stealing cables along Waterloo Road, Bank Village, near Sinaswee Street, when residents called on him and others to stop. The shooting incident occurred around 4.35 am.

According to a police report, Straughn’s two other accomplices, a 17-year-old of Chase Village and a 16-year-old of Perseverance Village, were also shot and injured. The driver of the vehicle they arrived at the site in fled the scene, leaving the dead man and his accomplices behind.

Police sources confirmed that they received information about a bigger cable theft ring operating out of the area and strongly believe that the two Jamaican nationals and another man, who is allegedly involved in the scrap iron business, may be able to assist them in their investigations.

Police said the members of the cable/copper stealing ring are suspected to be involved in theft in the areas of Bank Village, Orange Field Road, Waterloo, Orange Valley and Couva.

Police are asking members of the public who may have information on people involved in the illegal act of copper theft and on the whereabouts of the three men to contact them at 800 TIPS, 555, 999 or via the TTPS app.

Source Guardian

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