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Heritage Petroleum dismisses claims of bobol in disposing of scrap iron

Flashback December 2018, Scrap iron workers sift through discarded iron as they prepare to load a 40-foot container for export at Bypass Road, Kelly Village, .

Allegations of bobol on the removal of scrap iron materials from Heritage Petroleum Company Limited were disclosed by the T&T Scrap Iron Deals Association (TTSIDA) yesterday during a media conference.

The association’s president Allan Fergusson disclosed the alleged bobol in a video clipping which showed container trucks and dump trucks moving out scrap iron materials from what he claimed was one of Heritage’s locations at night.

The company dismissed his claims last night in a statement.

Fergusson also claimed the exercise was done under the watchful eyes of police officers.

Speaking to the Guardian Media after the conference, in an attempt to get some more information, Fergusson claimed he has several video recordings and other recordings of alleged conversations he had with people on what’s going on.

“I’m not willing to disclose any of the recordings yet because I have plans on taking up this matter. I have other videos of scrap materials being moved out too. The one I showed at the conference was from the Santa Flora Forest Reserves location and there were police officers watching these vehicles go out with the scrap materials,” Fergusson claimed.

During the conference Fergusson did mention that he spoke with people outside of the country who pledged assistance in him acquiring two attorneys from London to take up the matter legally.

“It’s not going to end. From today it’s going to be different,” Fergusson said.

Fergusson reiterated that there was a tender process for the scrap iron material and added that he is certain that his association bidded the highest bid.

“Show us the bidding documents that we was on top of the process that we had control over it and because of two persons we did not win the bid,” Fergusson said.

Fergusson called yesterday’s media conference to highlight the denial of permission for them to hold a motorcade that was planned from Point Fortin to Pointe-a-Pierre.


Heritage responds

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited responded to the allegations stating that as “a wholly State-owned enterprise, Heritage Petroleum Company Limited (Heritage) is guided by the principles of the State Enterprise Performance Monitoring Manual (SEPMM) and Heritage’s associated processes, procedures and guidelines. As such, Heritage’s disposal and approval process is in compliance with the SEPMM, which includes a public tender process that was adopted for the disposal of obsolete assets. The tender process for disposal of the scrap iron followed this procedure.

Heritage also notes that TTSIDA has shared a video clip, alleging that scrap metals were being removed from a Heritage compound without being weighed. This is totally erroneous and deliberately misleading. Moreover, support from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) when undertaking tasks such as transporting substantial material and equipment from one location to another is a routine safety and security procedure.

Heritage remains committed to a fair and transparent processes in its operations and finds it extremely regrettable that the TTSIDA would place such unfounded allegations in the public domain.”

Source Guardian

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