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Hinds: No extra security for ministers’ home following protests

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds says he will not advocate for increasing security at the homes of ministers, despite a protest yesterday in front of the home of Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan.

Members of the Scrap iron Dealers Association picketed in front of the home while the minister was being questioned for hours at the Standing Finance Committee in the Parliament. In December, UNC activist Victor Roberts protested the government’s handling of the pandemic by dropping a coffin in front of the home of Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh.

“I’m not at all worried as on both occasions, including this morning (Monday), of course, the police who is responsible for law and order, and to ensure that citizens enjoy their private property, free from disturbance and intrusion by pestilent forces, the police would have engaged and taken care of that,” Hinds said.

Hinds said Sinanan was free to seek professional advice himself as it relates to additional security for his home.

Hinds said, “The minister will take note of the fact that they have come to his house quite improperly, and the minister will seek professional advice. And the advice the minister gets I’m sure he would implement for him and his family’s safety.”

Minister Hinds trained his guns on the UNC saying they had their “fingerprints all over” the protest.

“If anyone came to us as the PNM team, and suggested that you would go to a minister’s home, we would discourage that. In fact, I can tell you, we discouraged things like that. But not the UNC they encourage that kind of thing,” he said.

When reporters corrected him saying it was not the UNC, but the Scrap Iron Dealers, he said, “Same thing, but different in terms of the intrusion into the ministers home, in his private domain. That ought not to be, but we leave that in the hands of the law, and the police.”

Source Guardian

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