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Lift sanction against scrap iron industry

The Government has a legitimate concern about the scrap iron industry relative to the discovery of illegal materials in Sea Lots. However, I am urging the Government to lift the sanction against the industry as early as possible to preserve the livelihood of those 40,000 citizens who make a living from this. The discovery of diesel fuel hidden beneath scrap metal and the allegations that criminal elements are using the industry to support the manufacture of guns are certainly legitimate and understandable reasons for the imposition of more stringent rules and regulations to monitor the operations of the industry.

However, one can logically surmise that the majority of citizens that depend on the survival of this business must be very concerned about their ability to pay their bills and put food on their tables. If this industry remains in a stalled position for the duration of the SoE, entire families in North and South will suffer loss of revenue and this can have a more deleterious effect on an already difficult economic situation. The Attorney General has been known to show great compassion for the struggling rural communities and I appeal to him to come to the rescue of those who are enduring financial hardship as a result of the Government’s sanction.

Selwyn Samaroo


Source Guardian

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