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Man trying to steal cables dies of electrocution in Barrackpore

The utility pole where Casey de Silva was electrocuted on Saturday.

A man suspected of trying to steal utility cables in Barrackpore was electrocuted yesterday morning. He has been identified as Casey de Silva, 23, of Aerides Drive, Orchid Gardens Pleasantville.

The cable is stripped for copper and then sold to scrap iron dealers, police said.

In the last few months, several people have been arrested and charged for stealing TSTT cables.

Initial reports stated that around 2 am an estate constable with Través Security Services Limited was on duty when he heard a loud noise at the front of the building along the Rochard Douglas Road. He then saw sparks emanating from a TSTT pole about 30 feet away. Upon investigations, he saw a man in a black jersey and black and white camouflage pants hanging motionless from TSTT wires. There was also a power outage at nearby homes.

Police found two hacksaw blades, a black Marvin Gaye hat, and a multicoloured Jansport knapsack on the ground near a TSTT pole.

In an early release before the man’s identity was confirmed, the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) stated that T&TEC security officers received information from the Barrackpore police that someone was electrocuted at Rochard Douglas Road. “Upon investigating, a man was found slumped and motionless over cables between T&TEC LP 114 and 115 in the vicinity of a TSTT pole.

“It is believed the victim was cutting and stealing TSTT cables in the area when the incident occurred.”

TSTT cables were seen cut and hanging in various areas. The company indicated that electricity was restored at 6 am yesterday. Barrackpore police are investigating.

Source Guardian

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