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Police scrap iron found in Beetham, Lawman detained in connection with incident

An investigation has been launched into how scrap iron belonging to the Police Service, stored at the old Police Traffic Branch, Sea Lots, ended up in a Beetham scrap yard on Sunday. Senior police officials confirmed yesterday a junior officer had been detained in connection with the incident. The detained officer was in custody assisting with investigations up to late yesterday. The T&T Guardian learned three other suspects, ages 20 and 52, all of Beetham Gardens, also have been detained. The scrap iron, which included 280 no parking signs and three police barricades, were reportedly removed by a group of men who used a police truck and two smaller trucks to cart off the rusted items.

Around 11 am yesterday, officers from the Port-of-Spain CID and Besson Street Police Station, led by ASP Ajith Persad, Sgt John Cpls Budri and Sirju, went to a house on Third Street, Beetham Gardens, and took back the scrap iron. Police sources said officers reporting for duty at the around 8 am yesterday observed the scrap iron missing from the compound of the old Police Traffic Branch. Several officers were subsequently questioned. A report was later made to the Besson Street Police Station after which a team of detectives, including Sgt John and Cpls Budri and Sirju, went to the Beetham scrap yard and recovered the items.

Source Guardian

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