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Scrap dealers increase exports, call for regulation

TT Scrap Iron Dealers Association (TTSIDA) president Allan Ferguson once again called for the regularisation of the scrap iron industry, as Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon noted a 47 per cent increase in its exports.

“We would like to take this time to again plead with the government and its respective agencies to institute the necessary laws and regulations to properly govern this industry and encourage further development,” Ferguson.

Expressing gratitude for Gopee-Scoon’s identification of growth in the sector, Ferguson said the increase in exports was due to the hard work of the men and women in the industry.

“It should be noted that while many industries have seen declines in recent years due to various factors, the scrap metal industry continues to thrive.

“TTSIDA is very proud of the achievements of the enterprising men and women in this great industry and would encourage all to continue building it.”

Ferguson added that the scrap iron industry has proven to be a way out of poverty for many, and was identified by InvestTT as one of the seven pillars of growth industries for the advancement and development of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy.

Source Newsday

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