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Scrap iron boss again urges Govt to reopen sector

Scrap Iron Dealers’ Association president Allan Ferguson yesterday again appealed to the Government to meet with his association to work out a deal to reopen the sector.

He made the call following a motorcade his association staged from Caroni to Port-of-Spain.

Speaking at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Ferguson, who did not have permission to deliver speeches but was given a bligh by the police to say thank you to those who participated, said, “I’m asking this question to the Government because our association, I, as president of the association, I am trying to meet with the Government to make this industry open back.” He added, “Who was the company you all were doing the study for and trying to find out how much material in Trinidad and Tobago it have that you all could open up and give it too?”

At that point, a woman Inspector standing not too far from Ferguson instructed him to end his remarks with immediate effect

The police subsequently made it clear to the media that Ferguson and his membership were only given permission for the motorcade but not for any public speeches. The woman Inspector also added that he was only allowed to thank the participants for their engagement and good behaviour.

Earlier, before the motorcade left from the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, acting Superintendent Edwards, from the Central Division, also allowed Ferguson, Movement for Social Justice political David Abdulah and an OWTU representative leniency to say a few words.

All the speakers expressed disappointment over the shutdown of the industry and called on the Government to reopen it as workers have their families to take care of, including their children to send to school, noting many of those children would not be able to go to school as their parents have no money to buy their schoolbooks and uniforms.

Source Guardian

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