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Scrap Iron Dealers’ Association blames TSTT for cable thefts

TSTT cables hang close to the ground after sections were cut along Jarvis Street, Vistabella, in April.

The issue of cable theft is now becoming prevalent across the island, as many are stealing the cables to sell as scrap metal. Several people have already been arrested while two have been killed during such acts.

Addressing the issue on Tuesday, Scrap Iron Dealers’ Association president Allan Ferguson said they are not the ones to blame. Instead, he blamed the situation on local telecommunication provider TSTT.

He said, “About two months ago, we wrote TSTT and this proceeded to have a meeting with them to try to solve the problem that we would have foreseen happening today. We worked with TSTT back in 2008, as during this time there was an upsurge in the theft of these cables and we, as an association, worked with them to stop this from happening and this is on record.”

He added: “I am putting all the blame on TSTT and our association is not taking the blame for anyone that climbs any pole and cut cables. I am not putting my organisation in that position to take any blame for what is currently happening across the country, it was about two months ago we wrote TSTT asking them for a meeting for an understanding to solve this situation and a way forward.

“We showed them a proposal that would allow them to control these thefts immediately. We submitted this proposal in one week, however, we proposed a partnership rather than allowing them to pay us, which would have to go to tender or bid. We wanted to pay them for the cables and we would even use their contractors to remove these cable wires that are being stolen every day. We would have done that and we were willing to pay them in US dollars.”

Ferguson said he wants the Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales to intervene in this matter.

He thanked acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob for a meeting with the association and having fruitful meetings and plans that will eradicate this type of behaviour.

He said, “Right now, TSTT is losing millions of dollars and had they listened to us from the start, they would not have lost any money, and for those buying the copper, I can say that no small scrap iron yard in this country can full a container of copper and this is based on knowledge and experience in the sector.”

He added: “I am telling you that small scrap yards cannot fulfil this amount, a ton of copper is over $65,000 and one container carries 20 tons, so this is big business.”

Ferguson and his executive will be sending an official letter to Gonzales.

Source Guardian

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