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Scrap iron dealers protest in Penal

Scrap iron workers have blocked parts of Penal piling heaps of mud in the centre of the roadway.

Police have been stationed at the intersection of Satnarine Trace and Clarke Road where the blockade remains.

“The police have no backhoe, how we going to clear this? We have to wait until the Corporation send a backhoe to clear this,” one officer told Guardian Media.

Councillor for Penal Shanty Boodram arrived a short while later saying the blockade was done by scrap iron workers based on the signs that were erected on the heap of mud.

The signs read: “Iron is life,” and “The cost of living is high, we need to work.”

Boodram said Satnarine Trace had a high level of scrap iron workers, many of whom could not afford school books for their children.

At Prakash Boodoo Enterprises in Debe where scrap iron is bought and sold, operations manager Nicholas Mahabir said workers were suffering.

He said the company has been trying to provide support to workers by hiring them to do maintenance in the yard.

“Right now a lot of people are struggling to buy school books and even though the industry is closed they are still looking for a day work so they can carry back something to their families,” Mahabir said.

Guardian Media understands that parts of Papourie Road are also blocked.

Further updates will be provided as more information comes to hand.

Source Guardian

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