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Scrap Iron Dealers vote in new Association executive

FLASHBACK… TTSIDA President Allan Ferguson (right), and Assistant Treasurer Ronald Ayoung (left), at press conference at Signature Hall, Montrose Road, Chaguanas, in March 2020

The Trinidad and Tobago Scrap Iron Dealers Association (TTSIDA) has voted in a new executive to head the Association, with Allan Ferguson receiving the nod from the membership to continue leading the organisation as its president.

The vote took place at the group’s General Meeting, which was held at 3 pm on Sunday 19 July 2020, at Signature Hall, Chaguanas.

An official statement from the Association lists the duly elected members of the Executive Committee as:

  • President – Mr. Allan Ferguson
  • 1st Vice President – Mr. Erros Seejattan
  • Secretary – Ms. Willetta Wilson
  • Treasurer –Mr. Michael Reyes
  • Assistant Treasurer – Mr. Ronald Ayoung
  • Public Relations Officer – Mr. Baldath Chabilal
  • Trustee – Mr. Oscar John
  • Trustee – Mr. Deolal Harkoo

In his remarks at the General Meeting, Association president, Allan Ferguson, thanked members for their continued support of his stewardship, and their confidence in the candidates put forth for the relevant positions.

Ferguson stated that the TTSIDA leadership remains committed to the development of the Scrap Iron Industry as it moves forward into the 21st century and beyond.

“We would also like to thank Ministry of Trade and Industry, under the guidance of Mrs. Paula Gopee‐Scoon and, the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for its unstinting support and quality leadership for the last five years,” he stated.

“We are very thankful for all the kindness extended to us in moving various projects to their full potential. The resultant close relationship with our Line Ministry has effected an overwhelming positivity on micro projects thus far, and has certainly added to our green credits. This is a definite way to stay on the path of a sustainable Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

The TTSIDA president noted that the scrap iron industry is expected to create an additional 3,000 jobs for both semi and unskilled persons.  He also pointed out that it can boast of having a positive socio‐economic impact, especially on the homes of the underprivileged.

“This Industry contributes over US $65 Billion to global GDP,” Allan Fergun observed.  “Further, according to figures provided by Trinidad and Tobago’s Central Statistical Office (CSO), scrap metal exports escalated from approximately TT $69 Million in 2009, to an estimated TT $216 Million in 2018, registering an increase of over 213% over a 10‐year period.”

Allan Ferguson said he is confident only positive outcomes are expected from the Association working in tandem with the line Minister and the Government.

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