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Scrap metal dealer shot dead by police

Relatives and friends of a Claxton Bay scrap metal dealer are calling for an investigation into his death after he was shot by police on Saturday night.Joel Jaikaran, 38, of Hilltop Drive, Springvale, died on the roadside at Hermitage Branch Road, Claxton Bay, after he was shot once in the chest by a Special Reserve police officer.According to the police, Jaikaran had attacked them and was attempting to disarm a police corporal when he was killed.

Relatives, however, are disputing the police claims. They said they were told by eyewitnesses that Jaikaran was shot in the back while running away from the police .Enathius George, a close friend, said Jaikaran was not the kind of person to have a gun, he was not a violent.”I knew him as a cool and respectable person,” he added.

George, who was at the home of Jaikaran’s great-aunt Tara Boopsingh’s yesterday, claimed the police were after Jaikaran because he had an outstanding warrant. He said: “He tried to get away, but they had no right to shoot him. They could have shot him on his foot. They could have called an ambulance, or even take him to the hospital. We need an investigation because this is unjust. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone else.”

Police said a driver had stalled on the shoulder of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway around 11 pm and was being assisted by a wrecker operator when Jaikaran was seen getting out of his Toyota Royal Saloon. They claimed he was acting suspiciously as he approached the vehicle and there was an object bulging from his waist. They said the driver of the wrecker stopped a passing police patrol and alerted them to Jaikaran.

The police said Jaikaran attacked one of the two officers while he was being searched. They said during the scuffle, a sawed-off shotgun fell from his waist and he attempted to snatch an officer’s service revolver. He was then shot by the SRP.

However, George said Jaikaran was transporting someone to Macaulay on Saturday night when he saw a car stalled on the highway. He said Jaikaran was a mechanic and was approaching to assist the motorist.He said: “The police walked across, raff him and started to fight with him. He got away and he ran because he had a warrant before. When he got away and ran, the police fired two shots behind him, left him lying down and came and told the fellow in the car to walk and go home. That is what the guy told me.”

George said Jaikaran was a helpful and quiet man who never showed any signs of being violent. He said Jaikaran was just trying to make extra money to repair his car when he was killed.

Source Guardian

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