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Statue stolen from Chaguramas Military Museum

A statue worth approximately $70,000 was discovered stolen yesterday from the Chaguaramas Military Museum. An empty Stag bottle was placed on the pedestal from where the bust was taken.

The bust, which weighed approximately a tonne was of General Franciso de Miranda, who fought in the South American Revolution.

The bust was donated to the museum in July 2006 by the Venezuelan Embassy. It was unveiled on the bicentennial of his departure from Trinidad in 1806.

Linda Kelshall, president of the museum told T&T Guardian that the bust was discovered missing around 9am yesterday when the museum opened. She said the museum does not open on Mondays, so the bust was stolen between Sunday night and early Tuesday morning.

Kelshall thinks that the bust, which is made out of brass and copper, was taken to be sold for scrap metal.

If anyone has information on the stolen bust, they could contact Kelshall at 722-8765.

Source Guardian

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