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Steel pipe larceny lands man in jail

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Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington yesterday described as a thief, a man who claimed to be a salvage operator and sent him to jail for 12 months for stealing $27,000 worth of steel pipes. Baldeo Lallan, 32, and his relatives broke down in tears after the sentence was imposed on him in the San Fernando First Magistrates’ Court. The Claxton Bay father of three pleaded guilty to stealing 15 lengths of pipe from Truman Lochandass, owner of Stack House Supermarket.

Lochandass had left the steel pipes in an open area on his land at Kumar Village, Williamsville. Court Prosecutor Sgt Gordon Maharaj said Lochandass discovered the pipes missing on July 19. Inquiries by PC Seewarson Noyan of the Gasparillo police led him to a scrap yard in Claxton Bay where he found the stolen items in the tray of a red Mazda truck. Lallan’s attorney, Ainsley Lucky, said his client was a salvage operator who collected steel and sold it.

Source Guardian

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