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Ton of stolen TSTT cables recovered

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A Curepe scrap metal dealer was among seven people arrested when police and officers from TSTT’s Operational Risk and Security Services (ORSS) executed a warrant on the premises on Thursday morning. A release from TSTT said more than a metric ton of its copper cables was recovered during the exercise. The seven people were charged under the Telecommunications Act, which allows for a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment or a maximum fine of $250,000, if convicted.

TSTT’s vice-president of ORSS said: “We have every intention of keeping up the pressure on vandals in this ongoing battle against copper theft. “This is not only a victory in bringing a different level of criminal–the dealer–to justice, but a victory also for the thousands of customers who have the right to feel assured that they will not have to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous thieves.”

Source Guardian

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