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Villagers, schoolchildren in danger as…

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Thieves remove manhole covers

Scrap metal has become such a lucrative business in T&T that people are now resorting to stealing iron manhole covers. Residents of Bank Village, Carapichaima, woke up yesterday to find eight exposed manholes along the pavement between Robert Street and St Mary’s Junction.

The manhole covers measured five feet in length, two and half feet in width and three to four feet in depth. President of the Bank Village Committee, Ronald Gangadeen, said this situation posed a danger to residents, students from the nearby Waterloo Secondary School and all pedestrians. He said the scrap metal thieves struck either Thursday night or early yesterday.

“This morning around 6 am I was going to buy my daily newspapers as usual and I see the manhole covers missing,” he said. “My concern as a leader in the community is that, for the people and school children walking, it is a dangerous thing.” Gangadeen said he saw a five-foot caiman in one of the manholes. “I get frighten when I see that,” he said.

He believes the covers were stolen by metal scrap scavengers.

He said: “It happening all over the country…there are these guys buying scrap metal. People take this (cover) because of its weight. It’s very solid and heavy. You can get between $1,300 and $1,600 per tonne for scrap metal.” He called on the authorities to replace the covers urgently.

Source Guardian

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